You're Always on TARGET with AcCueShot ™.

AcCueShotTM is here!

Every shot in pool requires 2 basic skills;
1) knowing where to aim and more
importantly, 2) being able to get the cue
ball to go exactly where you’re aiming.
That’s what AcCueShot™ will help you do.

The latest innovation in pool & billiards training devices is now available. Try it Risk Free. If you're not satisfied, return it for a full refund (see our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee).


Do you know how accurate your pool shots really are?

AcCueShotTM Knows!

Introducing the AcCueShot ™ Billiard Training Device. AcCueShot ™ will improve your precision and game. Simply place AcCueShot ™ on the rail of your table, aim and shoot. It's that simple. AcCueShot ™ will let you know if you're on target. Use AcCueShot ™ in warm up drills before games and target practice drills at home to improve your precision.

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