You're Always on Target with AcCueShot ™.

A Word from the Inventor

When I bought my first pool table, I decided to try to improve my playing ability. I quickly realized that although I thought I knew where I should aim the cue ball, I had no way of knowing if the cue ball actually hit where I was aiming. If I missed my shot, I was left wondering, did I aim at the wrong target point or did I miss my target all together. Even on successful shots, I couldn't be sure if I actually hit my target point or I was just "close enough" to make the shot.

I recognized the need for a way to develop the skill and self confidence to be able to get the cue ball to hit my desired target point. Traditional target practice drills of aiming at a target (diamond, chalk, penny, etc.) and shooting many times were not enough because there was no feedback indicating if I actually hit my target. Hence, AcCueShot ™ came into being.

Players are raving about the usefulness of this innovative new invention. I am sure that you too will find this to be an extremely valuable tool to help your precision and game.

How it Works

AcCueShot ™ is a small electronic device that is placed on the far rail of the billiards table. On the front of the AcCueShot ™ device is an illuminated target bar for the player to aim at. On the face of the AcCueShot ™ device are three indicators: left arrow, center bulls eye and a right arrow. The player stands at the opposite side of the table and then aims and shoots the cue ball at the ™ target bar. Utilizing its infrared optics and microprocessor, AcCueShot ™ calculates where the cue ball hits the rail with respect to the target bar and illuminates the appropriate indicator; left arrow if left of the target, right arrow if right of the target and bulls eye if on the target. In addition, AcCueShot ™ has a built in speaker that will emit a unique sequence of tones for each condition (left, right and bulls eye hits).

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