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What are people saying about AcCueShot™:

"After briefly working out with the AcCueshot device, I am very excited about this product. I'm
convinced this is the greatest training aid for aim and stroke that I have seen in all
the years I've been playing pool. I highly recommend it to any and all players."
- Tom Kennedy, 1992 U.S.Open Champion!

AcCueShot™ has been an extremely helpful diagnosis and re-training aid,
here at the National Billiard Academy. Using the AcCueShot, we address
two shockingly common perceptual errors:

1. Aiming Perception Error: For some players, when they align themselves with
the target line as they see it, their aim is actually off by a consistent amount.
That error is some number of degrees left or right, and these players typically
are off by that same amount on every shot. On shorter shots, this may not be
evident, since the pockets are “larger” when the OB is closer. Using the
AcCueShot, our students can see for themselves the magnitude and consistency
of their aim perception error. Once they believe they have the perception error,
they can begin to re-train their perception, again using the AcCueShot. The device
keeps showing them the truth, shot after shot. It’s frustrating to keep doing what
looks right to you, while consistently being shown that you are not seeing
correctly. So, eventually you start to make an aiming correction that produces
the desired result – delivering the cueball more precisely and consistently to
where you intend.

2. Cueball Alignment Error: Many players (we estimate 20%!) are off on their
alignment to the cueball. When they believe they are aligned to hit the vertical
axis of the cueball, they actually are off to one side or the other. Their tip is always
off by the same amount, and to the same side. It looks to them like they are truly
on the axis, but they are not. With the inadvertent english and squirt that come
with this error, players will tend to miss by overcutting on one side and undercutting
on the other. However, this pattern of missing may not be evident on closer shots.
With this problem, the AcCueShot helps “prove” to players that they have this
perception error. If they line up the to the cueball and are not on the vertical axis,
the ball will squirt to the side opposite the english, and the AcCueShot will show that.

In our teaching environment, the AcCueShot has proven to be a very worthwhile
diagnostic and training tool for many players. Until you know you have a perception
error, your pattern of missing appears random. Identifying and correcting these types
of perception errors has a profound impact on players’ results, and ultimately on
their confidence and enjoyment of the game. We recommend this product
without reservation.

Tom Simpson
BCA Master Instructor
National Billiard Academy
Columbus, Ohio
"Beat People with a Stick!"

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